31/365 – Two by Two

Animals, Photography

I’m in Oxfordshire and keeping myself entertained whilst my other half is on a medical training course at the local hospital.    Naturally,  I headed to the local nature reserve (RSPB Otmoor) to see what could be seen.   The dark clouds, sleet and chilly wind weren’t terribly inviting and most sensible creatures were hunkered down.  There was however, a flock of linnets that kept me entertained for an hour or so before I sought shelter and a hot drink.

Surveying the land

Spot the odd one out!Spot the odd one out


6 thoughts on “31/365 – Two by Two”

  1. I like the bottom photo – the poor “odd one out” looks like he’s trying to blend in with the rest of the flock! What kind of bird is the “odd one out”?

      • Oh, I didn’t realize that! The goldfinches where we live are really different – the males are bright yellow with a little bit of black and white.

  2. I really like the bottom photo! It is so funny and yet beautiful. I am not sure if I like your European Goldfinches better than our American Goldfinches or not.

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