26/365 – Draftsmanship

Black and white, Photography

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been working on a new cartoon, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and photograph it.  I struggled to establish which part of the composition to focus on – should it be the pen, my thumb, the cartoon? I just knew I wanted a shallow depth of field.  Lighting was also difficult to work with as I only have a couple of reading lamps.  I’d really like to try some clean, bright, studio lighting and see what a difference that makes.  Maybe next time.   You will probably have noticed that I’m developing quite an obsession with black and white at the moment, but I think it’s more sympathetic to the subject.

If you’d like to see my cartoons, visit www.bighairmetamorphosis.com.


4 thoughts on “26/365 – Draftsmanship”

  1. I think you chose the right depth of field and definitely the right approach with a sharp focus on the pen. It makes me want to discover your cartoons.

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