23/365 – Chandelier

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Abstract, Photography

It was celebrations this evening because my other half has passed some truly difficult exams in head and neck surgery!  The evening started off in the Sheffield Tap – wow two nights in a row – followed by a nice meal at a Teppanyaki restaurant!     While I was drinking my pint in the Tap,  I noticed the chandeliers and thought they’d make an interesting shot from directly underneath – hey presto an abstract!   You can even see the cobweb top right! Someone needs to get their feather duster out!

The image below is of our Teppanyaki chef who entertained us by flicking pieces of cooked egg into the air and challenging us to catch them in our mouths…how very novel.  He was a bit like a Japanese Tom Cruise in Cocktail as he threw the salt and pepper mills behind his back and twirled them on the palm of his hand.

Teppanyaki Chef

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