19/365 – Full stop

Black and white, Photography

I’m in the midst of preparing for an interview tomorrow, so I’m somewhat distracted. But, I still managed to get my photo of the day!

Fed up of night time shots, I took some time at lunch to get some fresh air and find a suitable subject.  I love the these spherical sculptures near Sheffield’s Winter Gardens.  I wandered around for a while and toyed with some different angles – they have been photographed so often that it is difficult to come up with something new.   However, I did notice the leading line in the paving and thought the ball at the end looked like a full stop, hence the title.

2 thoughts on “19/365 – Full stop”

  1. This is great! I studied abroad in Sheffield in 2008 and have only fond memories of the city. I lived in Ranmoor Annexe which I believe is all boarded up now. I look forward to seeing more Sheffield pics on your blog!

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